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Belinda White, who calls herself a fruitarian, became a vegan overnight after learning about nutrition when training to become a yoga teacher.

Diéta a rheumatoid arthritis javításáraz. Lágy étrend az epehólyag műtét utáng

The mum-of-three now survives on fruit - also snacking on some veg and nuts - and eats up to 20 pieces a day. She said: "I am the female Benjamin Button. But singer Belinda, of Rotherham, South Yorks.

She won him and the boys over and now, two years after the shakeup, they eat a completely vegan diet while Belinda, is a fruitarian. Belinda, whose favourite fruit is mango, says the diet has boosted her energy levels, cured her fibromyalgia and reduced her pain from osteoarthritis "by 95 per cent". But above all, she says ridding her body of animal products has made her cellulite dissolve, improved her hair, skin and nails and made her look decades younger.

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Beforehand, she was a smoker Image: Super slimmer who lost 9st left with 'body of a year-old' thanks to excess skin Belinda, who has a grandson called Theo after her eldest son, Daniel White, 26, became a dad six weeks ago, said: "I feel better in every way. It is almost like returning to my youth. It's incredible. I look like I'm 28 but I'm I couldn't get up the stairs because I was in so much pain due to the osteoarthritis in my hips and I was on three different pills a day.

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My cellulite has dissolved and my pain from osteo arthritis has been reduced by 90 per cent. But instead of having a bacon roll for breakfast, she now eats half a watermelon and drinks a water with lemon juice which acts like an internal body wash.

Video Loading Click to play Tap to play The video will auto-play soon8Cancel Play now Superslimmer addicted to Monster and Red Bull energy drinks shed TEN STONE after feeling 'disgust' at birthday pictures She then heads to work armed with two giant flasks of smoothies, packed with eight bananas, dates and frozen fruit like mangoes for lunch, instead of a Greggs.

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For dinner, she eats avocados, cherry tomatoes, mung beans and peppers, washed down with a huge glass of orange juice. When she fancies a treat, she gorges on energy balls of medjool dates, cashew nuts, raw hogyan lehet megszabadulni a pikkelysömör népi gyógymódjaitól powder and coconut which "taste like Ferrero Rochers".

A rheumatoid arthritis kezelése általában rheumatoid arthritis diet reddit gyógyszeres kezelésből, illetve A diéta célja a beteg tápanyagigényének a kielégítése, az ízületi.

Though they've now accepted the new diet and way of life now, Belinda said Jason and her boys didn't like it at all at first. She said: "I was so strong about it that I was prepared to end my relationship with him, which sounds extreme.


When you become a vegan, especially when your diet is clean, you don't have the same BO or breath. She said: "A few years ago, I would have considered veganism to be very extreme.

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I feel more like I have halted the ageing and I am now turning the clock back. Superfit grandmother Belinda White pictured enjoying her life powered by nothing other than fruit Image: SWNS Obese binge eater who scoffed 10 takeaways a week lost stone and her HUSBAND after he got 'jealous' "I got a doctor to test everything and my results were just so good and incredible that the hospital said I was like an athlete. She said: "I realised that the number one killer in our country is heart disease caused by high cholesterol and in my opinion, meat and dairy cause this my psoriasis went away reddit of blockage.

The short is answer, yes. Secondly, a lot of alcoholic drinks have enough carbs and sugar to kick you out of ketosis, think beer and wine. A little bit of Himalayan pink salt and lemon in your water will help provide extra electrolytes before the alcohol dehydrates you.

I want to be the example. I want people to see me and my children and be inspired. Nutritionist Nicola Burgher-Kennedy said eating an all-fruit diet my psoriasis went away reddit help you shed the pounds.

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